Saturday, April 16, 2011

hello world.. meet robert!

while at the greatest place on earth (target) today, the hubs and i decided that we should bring out poor forgotten (not really, we still pay a ton of attention to him) first born a little something special. when we spotted robert we knew that it was exactly what we were looking for... a friend for max.

he's cute isn't he? it was love at first sniff&nibble. they are inseparable. and whenever someone comes over, her brings them his friend robert to introduce them.

they love to play together and max especially loves biting down on robert's ear and swinging him up in the air to catch him as he falls... its a very interesting relationship and we are curious to see how long it will last?

he has already lost a few friends in the past... he can get overly excited and rips them to shreds when they least expect it. i really think that robert has a chance... maybe?

but they do look stinking cute together! i almost fell off of my chair from this cuteness... my first born is perfection!

it been a while since a max post... i always enjoy some puppy love!

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  1. cute! I use to always post about my dogs, maybe this will inspire me to do one on them

  2. omg i went to target 3 times this week and spent about 150 on each visit!!! i have a problem!!!!!
    max is adorable and cant wait to meet robert tmrw!!