Saturday, April 30, 2011

i don't trust my doctor.

**this is a pretty personal and probably tmi post. and long. if you know me personally and might feel uncomfortable knowing too much about me then stop reading. i warned you!**

i have been going to the same gyno since i was 18ish and became sexually active with my husband who at the time was just my boyfriend. she is the daughter of my pediatrician who i loved growing up so it seemed like the perfect situation. she was nice. i felt comfortable with her... but i only saw her once a year and usually it was only for a short period of time. when i got pregnant i thought "perfect... she is an ob too so i won't have to look for another doctor." i doubted my decision to stay this doctor for a little while when i heard some "rumors" about her in delivery and being a bit of a flake. i tried to make an appointment with another obgyn but their hours didnt work very well with my work schedule so i decided against it. i should have listened to my gut. i should have gone with the first feeling i had. but i didn't. i stuck with it because it was easier than getting out.

i had a pretty great pregnancy. no complications. no problems with the baby. yes i had heartburn that drove me to a tums addiction but that was the worst of it. while getting blood work done, i was told that i was "slightly" anemic but that not to worry about it too much and to begin taking iron tablets. i did and began to eat so much red meat, lentils, and any other iron rich food i could get my hands on. 

fast forward to delivery day.

issue #1: i came into the hospital at 3:00am and delivered at 10:07am. my obgyn did not show face until 9:15am!!! because get this... she was eating an omlette. she got there right in time for me to start pushing. mind you... i was in terrible pain because she had me on petocin and my epidural never took... but she didn't once come in and check on me.

the baby was born. she was healthy. everything looked great!

issue #2: my anemia became a problem. the normal hemoglobin count for a pregnant woman is about 11-13... i was at 6.1! that is not good. i knew it was a problem when they began to talk about blood transfusions. why did she let it get to this point? i did not lose that much blood (according to her). she should have been more on top of the fact that i was not "slightly" anemic but i was anemic period! i recovered fine and was able to go home after 48 hours even though they wanted to keep me an extra day.

a couple of days after returning home i had to go back into my obgyn's office to have more blood drawn. my hemoglobin count went up again but they still wanted to see me again to draw more blood. i went in at exactly 4 weeks postpartum.

issue #3: i went in to have BLOOD DRAWN. not for my 6 week check up. this woman is such a disaster that she did not even know that! while i was there she read me the incorrect results of my last blood test, she checked me out downstairs, and proceeded to tell me that i was "OK" to start exercising and having sex. i have never been though the whole pregnancy thing and i am the first of all of my friends to have children so i did not know what the norm was!

i went home super excited and told the lovey that we were given the go-ahead. so that night...


we didn't even have sex!! i wanted to start off slow so we just fooled around. that was it... one lousy finger!!! (sorry)

and my episiotomy opened up!

i went in to have it checked out by her. was told that i definitely had a tear. was given an antibiotic just in case and sent home.

fast forward 2 weeks... 2 WEEKS!!!

issue #4: the office calls me with the results of my cultures at 10:00am... everything is normal. YAY! i can stop freaking out. i am pretty sure that i have healed and i am feeling great. 2:00pm i get another phone call from the office with the results of my cultures. i assume that they just forgot they already called me but this time my results are different!!! i have vaginitis?!?!? she prescribed me more antibiotics.

i don't trust her. i have actually lost all trust in the woman that used to be my doctor. i don't believe anything she says. i don't think she knows what she is doing. i don't think she even cares.

i am on the search for a new doctor and hoping i can see them asap!

has anyone else been through something like this? or am i the only schmuck?


  1. Reading this post really freaked me out. Mostly because I'm only 2 months away from my due date and I really, really don't want anything like this to happen. I'm sorry you've had to go through these things and I definitely think you should get a new obgyn ASAP. You're more patient than I am, because I would have definitely went off on her before now. And if there is any way for you to report these things, you should. I'm sure you're not the first person to have problems with her.

  2. OH boo! That sucks. I'm sorry she's suck a loser. Good luck finding a new doctor and keep trusting your instincts.

  3. omg im right there with you my dr need 3 posts to tell of his awful-ness!!

  4. finding a good dr is soo hard. I had and obgyn for my eldest, HATED HER she was an idiot. Then I had midwives for youngest... they let me epidural wear off cause clearly they favored natural childbirth which just wasn't for me! a good dr. is worth every penny you have to spend... i wish you luck on your search love!!

  5. That's horrible, you really should get another doc, stat! I can't believe how unprofessional that is!

  6. hey i came accross this blog through some link ups through my friends blog and i read this! HOW HORRIBLE, im 8months pregnant and im anemic and i do take iron pills and im terrified that ill have to get a blood transfusion (2nd birth and 1st one was csection this one will be vbac) and im TERRIFIED!!! i hope you found a new dr and got everything figured out =D

  7. girl i am in the same boat as far as thinking my doctor is retarded! booo for stupid doctors!