Friday, April 1, 2011

i have a confession...


so last night (this is so embarrassing) i tooted and let the lovey believe that it was the baby!! i know it is terrible but he didn't even ask if it was me.. he just assumed it was the baby and i didn't correct him. HA!

i have eaten 4.. i repeat FOUR cupcakes today. and i ate 3 yesterday! (that is the probably with having leftover cupcakes from your birthday)

i am addicted to the show the nanny, the one from the 90's. so much so that lovey bought me seasons 1-3 for my birthday and the dvds have been on non-stop in our room.

i only change out of my pj's if someone is coming over.

please don't judge me :)

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  1. bahah totally in pjs right now same here!

    & yay for the nanny! i love it too!

    ive missed you posts! :)

    hope everything is going PERFECT :)

  2. i dont get out of my pjs unless im leaving the house. yes, that usually means company sees me in pjs.

    i miss your blogging!

  3. Sometimes I shower and just get dressed into a new pair of pajamas lol!!

  4. it's either pj's or gym shorts around here and if mine are dirty then i'll wear Jakes! :) i don't know how i ever went all day wearing "clothes" i hate them!!! hope all is well!!!

    p.s- i used to blame it on the dog. all. the. time!