Friday, April 29, 2011

i have a confession...

i just ate two cupcakes.

i am addicted to eating ice... and cupcakes.

my diet isn't going very well.

i set my alarm clock for 4:00am so that i can watch the royal wedding... i'm not sure if that will happen but i can pretend right?

sometimes, i just stare at olivia while she sleeps. i should really be doing laundry/dishes/vacuuming.

i am really scared about olivia's doctors appointment tomorrow. ears pierces = mommy might cry.

today, the olive ball threw up in my hair and i almost didn't shower because i didn't feel like it... WOW!

i need to lose weight... the chubby look isn't cute when your "newborn" baby hits 6 months. i have 4 month till i hit that point!

ok and here is the big one... i am so scared to have sex! post on this tomorrow.



  1. I've totally felt like that after my daughter threw up in my hair before. I think it's a mommy thing, but my child's up-chuck and poop just doesn't gross me out.
    Sorry your diet isn't going well, my daughter is a year and a half and I'm still not back to my pre-prego weight, but I'm okay with that, it just matters how you feel about yourself.

  2. OMFG I want 2 cupcakes! I just ate ice...wasn't as fulfilling as those damn cupcakes would be! lol

    I can talk forever about my weight, my youngest just turned 1 on the 23rd and I'm 14 weeks prego with our last and I was nice and thin before my 1 year old and well lets just say sweats are my bf! After this baby I will be fighting double baby fat...not looking forward to that.


  3. I love I have to go make some!

  4. I can't eat ice, it just gives me the willies. Hearing my hubby or son chewing ice creeps me out. But cupcakes are good!

  5. Cupcakes are damn hard to resist!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  6. I was completely afraid to have sex after my 2nd daughter's birth, it was months. But then I finally decided to just go with it and remembered how fun it was! Now we're knocked up with #3! ;o)

  7. oh melissa! i have been absent from so many blogs for far too long but kicking myself most for missing out on yours. your baby is absolutely adorable and you are doing such a good job! don't be too hard on yourself with everything, especially the weight loss. it will be so much easier to get to the gym, go on walks, eat better when she gets older believe me. i ate two bowls of ice cream every night and had frapps from starbucks every day for the first 8 months of henry's life. being a new mom is just so stressful, it's hard to cut back on the sweets. everyone needs their vices, you know?

  8. mmmm cupcakes.

    i REALLY love that you are taking your baby to the Doctor for the ears piercing. such a good mommy!!

    thanks so much for linking up!!

  9. I am totally addicted to eating ice. Everyone tells me that it is because I am anemic, but idk about that... I just chomp away all day, lol.

    Stopping by from the Friday Confessional Blog Hop!
    Nice to 'meet' you! Your daughter is a beauty!


  10. Only two months in is ok to still be chubby! Mine is 13 months and uh, THAT's bad. ;) Happy Friday.

  11. Man oh man, do I feel you on the dieting thing. However, on the upside-while the ice isn't great for your teeth-there are NO CALORIES! Huzzah!

    My downfalls are high calorie coffee drinks... damn.

    Good luck with the dr.apt. I'm sure eventually the sex thing wont be as scary, when you're ready you'll be ready. :)

  12. I eat ice all the time too- it's an anemia thing for me.
    I am doing my first ever- well, not really diet but drop 10 pounds eating plan. Not sure how it will work out, but we'll see. Good luck w/yours.

  13. At least you have an excuse....not having a newborn and being chubby isn't cute either! My Weight Watchers didn't go as well this week as some :)