Wednesday, April 13, 2011

it has just been one of those weeks

we got the news on monday that lovey did not pass the bar exam for the second time. i really thought this would be it. i thought that after the year of looking for a job, the months of studying, the endless hours we spent trying to stay positive through it all that this would be the light at the end of our tunnel. its not. i just wish that we could catch a break. for once! i know that there are people in much worse situations than we are in but we really need to feel like things will start to look up. we have this gorgeous baby (our expensive blessing as lovey likes to call her), an incredible family and support system, and we have our health but i would really like to have my husband back. the one that was always happy and positive. i hate seeing what all of this has done to him and how it has made him become insecure and negative. i try really hard to keep his spirits up but it is hard when my spirits are taking a hit as well. our marriage is as strong as ever from this but i really hope things get better.

on another note, he applied for a job last week! something that does not require him to be attorney but that he would still somewhat be working in law. we found out today that 8 people applied for the job, 2 of which have experience (lovey is not one of them) but lovey got a bunch of recommendation letters and because of that they want to interview with him!! now he hasnt heard from the job yet but that was some inside news we got from a family friend. please pray that this works out... can this be the light at the end of the tunnel for us?

this face helps...

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  1. Sorry things are not going as planned with you guys! But that little face will help a LOT in your lives!!! I know my 2 little faces help every single day! My 2 year old, Peyton, now comes up to me and gives me huge hugs and says "I love you SO MUCH mommy!" It's awesome!! Keep your heads up guys. Things will fall in place when they need to. As long as you guys have each other and that little bundle of joy, things will be OK!

  2. Boy oh Boy do I understand what you are going through. I am prego and hubbs is at a new job that he just is NOT happy with. I miss him coming home from work with a smile...instead it is a sad, beaten down face with no laughing. I know it will get better and my God will supply all our needs but I sure do know how it feels to play the part of the "helpless housewife". Keep your heads up and pray. Thats all you can do. :)

  3. So sorry Melissa, I know how much this meant to both of you. I hope he gets that new job and try to remember that things always happen for a reason. I really believe that. Hang in there! XO