Friday, April 15, 2011

the many faces of olivia

poor little livi has had a rough past couple of days. not only does she have an eye infection (backed up tear ducts.. who would have known that this is common.. not me!) but today she went in for her monthly checkup and got 2 shots! poor baby. but other than that, my little chubber has gained a whopping 4.2 pounds in 5 weeks and grew 2 inches... thank you very much mommy milk. its not wonder she loves the boob so much... maybe she can taste the cupcakes i had the other day. i kid. i kid.

even with all the eye gook and the shots, little girl still loves to play with mommy and grin at my when she farts. yea i am a little obsessed with her.. so what?!

will you vote for us? all it takes is 2 clicks.. k thanx.


  1. too cute! Rylin had a clogged duct and it took forever to go away even with drops and duct massage. I seriously think she had it for 2 months.

  2. some of those faces crack me up =)

  3. thanks ladies :)

    tasha... it breaks my heart. every time she cried it gets worse and so starts the cycle again :(

  4. Don't know if the doctor has suggested it but breast milk in the effected eye, I know it sounds gross but it will proboly heal it faster than any antibiotic drops or what not. Poor thing... Hope she feels better soon...