Tuesday, April 19, 2011

one of my favorite things to do.

i am a planner. always have been. probably always will be. i loved planning our engagement party. and then i loved planning my bridal shower. LOVED planning our wedding. and then when little olivia was announced i loved planning my baby showers. you get the point. party planning is something that i love to do. so when my sister-in-law told us she was pregnant and ever since i have been so excited to start planning her baby shower. i jumped at the opportunity and since we finally know what she is having (IT'S A BOY!) i can really start brainstorming... this is what i am thinking.

this is only the beginning.. i am sure that the colors will change a bit. i am thinking more of a navy, light blue, red, and white color scheme.

what do you think? any ideas?

images were from all over the place. i forgot to take down the urls :(


  1. That theme is cute! I love those colors.

  2. i want to be at this shower!!!

  3. that looks like it will be an adorable shower!

  4. yay!! love the colors :) sounds like fun. whenever trav and i get married do you want to plan the wedding? lol. (it still won't be for a long time!) i hate planning! it's too difficult to even decide what camera i want.... lol.

    <3 ash

  5. omg loooooove it!!! remember im a planner too and would love to help in anything i can. is the location still the same?

  6. !!!!!! you posted a picture of henry's birthday banner! awww, thanks! if you need any nautical ideas, let me know. i had a bunch that i never found the time to actually follow through with :)