Thursday, April 14, 2011

things i love {twenty}

i am love, love, LOVING leg warmers on these chubby little legs. i love the way her chubby thighs and little toes stick out on either end.

i love that lovey brings me cupcakes so that i can have something "special"... even thought it needs to stop YESTERDAY because at this rate i am never going to lose these last 5 pounds.

i love that my little girl slept a whopping EIGHT HOURS last night... oh god... i am going to jinx myself for sure.

i love that i get so much time at home with lovey... yes we are having a hard time because he is only working 20 hours a week but the perk of that is all the family time that we are getting.

i love that my sister in law (ok it is safe to say now) is pregnant! i am so excited that little olivia will have a cousin/best friend to play with. and i cannot wait to find out what she is having.

ok people... i am opening this up to you too. a weekly things i love thursday. link up lovelies!


  1. I love baby legs!! Exciting news about your sil too. Yes never say out loud that your baby is a good sleeper. :) haha. I will link up with you next week. Olivia is gorgeous!

  2. i love the baby legs and warmers!! SO cute. I found you on the young mom link up so get ready for a new stalker =)

  3. Aw I love the baby leg warmers, too! It's the best when they start sleeping through the night, isn't it? I know some unfortunate mamas with 7 month olds who still don't sleep through the night... eek.

    Saw your blog on the young mama link up! Will be following your cute blog! =)