Thursday, April 21, 2011

things i love {twenty-one}

its thursday again... time to talk about the lovely things in our lives!


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i am loving crafting it up for my little girl. i have always loved making things but now that i have someone to make everything for it is even more fun.

i am loving all the planning for olivia's FIRST easter. i cannot wait to have brunch with the family on sunday and to some how get a picture of the olive ball and the easter bunny.

i love that she lets me go shopping at target and doesnt fuss too much... especially if i leave her in the sling the whole time.

i love the funny little faces she makes all. day. long. seriously.. she is so funny!

i loooove chocolate milk. i thought this might go away with the pregnancy but i caved a bought some at the grocery store and the minute i had the taste in my mouth the love was back... this will not help with my "dieting."

i love the way olivia looks at her daddy and smiles at him.

i love how last night when we called max in to the room to go to sleep, he made sure to bring in robert with him.

i love how max tries to "kiss" olivia every chance he gets. he loves the olive.

what do you love this week?? linky up :)

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  1. i love daddy/baby pictures. :)

  2. those are some of the sweetest photos ever :0)