Thursday, April 28, 2011

things i love {twenty-two}

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i have found that when times are tough, it really helps to sit down and think about the things that you love. it makes you realize the simple joys that you have in your life.

i love pajama days. every so often, i leave olivia in her pjs and i stay in mine too and we just spend the day cuddling. i really cherish these days because we have visitors over so often and we are always out doing something. its nice to have a day just the two of us.

i love the crockpot. i seriously cannot love this thing more. you throw everything into it in the morning and by dinner time you have a delicious meal.

i love taco soup! easiest recipe ever... i'll post about that soon.

i love watching scrubs & the nanny. we lost our cable and since we own the seasons they are constantly on. 

i love the gorgeous weather we are having here. it may be freakin hot!! but it is beautiful.

i love how every thursday i have some of my lady friends over for manicures and pedicures. this is the one thing that i will not give up! i love the girly bonding. 

i love how interested max is with olivia. he is always trying to sneak in a kiss. 

i love love love all of the support of my family!

well lovelies.. what are you loving?


  1. i love pj days and i cant wait for you taco soup recipe!

  2. I just found this, too late to link up! Will try for next week though, love your blog and your baby girl - so sweet!

  3. i dont know where i was in blog land but i saw little leg warmer legs and i thought "little Olivia??" and sure enough its her! small world! especially since I never pay attention to my blog lol. I linked you in my blogs i love tab...hopefully some of my followers will find you :)