Friday, May 6, 2011

i have a confession...

i spent 2 days this week in my pajamas... i only got out of them to take a shower and then put a new pair on.

i was embarrassed when i opened the door for the ups guy and he saw me in my pajamas at 3 in the afternoon.

i really don't care if you judge me :)

i can't stop cleaning. my house never seems clean enough and the dog hair does not help the situation.

i really, really want a rumba... you know that little robot vacuum.

i wish i could afford to buy a rumba.

i think i need to clean out my closet to make more space.

if i clean out my closet i will want to go shopping because i won't have any clothes.

living in south florida sucks... when you are 2 months postpartum and look like you had a whale inside of you.

i wish i could wear a bikini this summer.

i tried on one of my bikinis and it doesn't fit. i used to have a butt now i have an elephant butt.

my daughter has what hispanics call "mamitis"... she only wants mommy.

i kinda like it. its a nice feeling when your daughter yells bloody murder when someone is carrying her and the minute you "save" her she looks at you and smiles through her teary eyes.

i am craving a cupcake. trying really hard to push through the craving.



  1. We have way to many toys on the floor to have a roomba. The idea is lovely though--something else that does the vacuuming for me, heaven.

  2. I was unemployed for my whole second trimester and wore nothing but pajamas, I felt bad when my husband came home from a long day at work and here i was in my pjs relaxing on the couch. now that i am 35 weeks along i wish i could do that again.

  3. i dont think the cravings ever go away! i wear pjs at least 3 days a week and trying on last yrs bathing suite made me depressed!

  4. I very rarely get out of my jammies! One of the perks of working at home! Crap, why put on clothes or a stupid bra just to sit on the couch!

  5. Loved this! haha I only get out of my pjs to bring my daughter to the park. When she was younger I just lounged in them all day ha

  6. I love Jammie days!! :) They are the best!!! :)

    Happy Belated Mother's Day! I hope you enjoyed your first one with Olivia and the pup! Xoxoxo.

    <3 Ash