Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the things i cannot live without

i am having a lot of fun helping my sister plan for her baby boy and in the midst of it all i have spent a lot of time telling her about all of the things that have become my absolute favs. these are the things that make my life so much easier and i really would not want to live without them.

the patemm
i seriously do not know what i would do without this thing. it was a gift that was sent to me and to be completely honest with you i had no idea what it was when i opened it. i had to go to the website to figure it out. i use it CONSTANTLY! it is just so comfortable to use and so convenient. i use it as a changing pad because most of the time it is just so much easier to roll it out and change olivia right on my bed. i stuff a bunch of diapers into the pockets and i have it all right there at my disposal when i need it and the best part is that the fabric is waterproof :). 

oopa baby sling
this company is actually local here in miami. i did a lot of research about what sling i would be getting because i knew olivia would be spending a lot of time in it (i love slings... love the closeness, the comfort for the baby, and the look). when i found this company i got so excited. the slings are so comfortable and olivia could spend the whole day in it. they are designed in a way that the sling grows with the baby. it is so easy to breastfeed olivia in it too!! and the best part... if she is fussy she calms down the second i place her in the sling.

aden+anais swadles
i cannot begin to express how amazing these things are. olivia loves to be swaddled at night to go to sleep and these swaddles are the best (i have tried so many different swaddles). i love how light the fabric is (remember i live in miami so we deal with heat!) and how flexible it is. it wraps around the baby nicely and is so big that it works perfectly with my chunky monkey and i am sure it will continue to.

angel dear blankie
olivia and i love this thing. i calms her down when i place it with her and rub it on her cheek or forehead. it is this incredibly soft fabric and it is cold and i don't have a blanket nearby i drape this over her and it works like a charm... and lets face it.. it is stinkin cute!

udder cover
this is pretty self explanatory. i pop this sucker out whenever i need to feed olivia and i am out in public or have company over. and guess what... they are having a crazy sale for mother's day... its free!! use the code "BABIES".

for now that is it. i am sure that as she grows the list will change and i am excited to figure out what items i won't be able to live without in the next few months/years.

so how do you like my new blog design? i needed change... something simple and to the point. AND I DID IT ALL ON MY OWN!!! do you like?

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  1. you're new look looks amazing!!

    udder cover = amazing. i don't nurse L but I do use it when I am out and have to pump {in my car} I also got it for free, just had to pay shipping.

    i've heard a ton of excellent things about those swaddle blankets and I think I might cave and get them, plus they are adorable.

  2. Love the new look, and thanks for the tips on helpful products =) I am due in 5 weeks and it sure helps to hear what other mamas use and like

  3. Love the new design!

    Also love my sling. I have a different one - the Mobywrap - but I think it's definitely nicer than putting my baby into her pram; I love carrying her round in it. Hadn't heard of the Udder Covers before but they sound really useful, will have to see if I can get on in the UK.