Thursday, May 5, 2011

things i love {twenty-three}

grab the button and share the things you are loving this week.

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i love ironing the hubs shirts... i am not eve being sarcastic. it has become so therapeutic (yea i'm weird whatevs).

i love watching scrubs... i'm flying through the seasons.

i love the way that livi looks at me when she is falling asleep and they way she smiles if i begin to sing to her.

i love that i can go shopping with the little ball and she behaves so well!

i love forever 21!! seriously.. i was there yesterday (we have this huge one at a mall in town... it takes at least an hour do to a full walk through of the store) and i was reminded of its amazingness.

i love our neighborhood! i really hope we don't have to move.

what are you loving?? linky up :)

PS. happy cinco de mayo!


  1. I also love forever21! Their cheap prices and amazing clothes make it a win-win-win situation! Love your blog.

  2. those aree lovely things. haha yea i got a dress from f21 last month. it was a good buy. they haven't been in the uk long though. x

  3. i love their clothes too but the closest one to me is 1.5hrs away! :( Rylin loves shopping! She is better behaved out of the house than in!

  4. would you believe that i don't own a single thing from forever 21?? im not even sure how or why that has happened lol