Thursday, May 26, 2011

things i love {twenty-six}


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i love that hubs has today and tomorrow off... yay for family time!

i love that i took olivia to the movies last night and she slept the whole time!

i love how i am sitting here right now typing this and i have the olive ball on my lap and my baby max by my feet.

i love that olivia is getting baptized on saturday!

i love that i have friends like jackie from idesign who can make a cake for me :)

i love the weather today... it may be hot but it is absolutely gorgeous.

i love that i have my husband back! the man i married, my best friend... he back! (thanks to a good weekend at a retreat)

i love that i get to wakeup to this adorable face every morning!

what are you loving today??

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  1. she is too cute!
    p.s-i accidentally entered the wrong link to my entry. how can i fix it?