Wednesday, May 11, 2011

why US?

well ladies... i have not been around much because we have been lucky and discover that we have bed bugs!! wtf! why does all of this junk happen to us. because of our little situation we are currently living in our living room but thankfully the exterminator is coming tomorrow to take care of this problem.

this is what our living room looks like right now

and our bedroom is another disaster in it of itself.

starting tomorrow we will be staying at my in-laws for the weekend. do your research on these things because they exist and it is a huge pain in the rear to take care of! anyone want to buy us a new mattress and box spring? i kid, i kid.

on another note... i was lucky enough to score an invite to pinterest and now that i have one i have invites to share... just comment here with your email if you want one :)

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  1. oh no!!! :( geez that's crazy, i hope everything gets better soon!

  2. Ugh so sorry about the bedbugs! You poor thing. Hang in there mama! I would love an invite laura(dot)skow at gmail(dot)com

  3. ahhh booooo! i heard there has been an epidemic of the bed bugs! sorry it got to you!

  4. That stinks! I hate feeling cluttered and displaced! I would love an invite! erthornbury(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. how did you find out that you had them?

  6. anonymous... i kept finding bites on my body. i am a big googler so when i did research i convinced myself that they were bed bugs. i called the exterminator just to be sure and i was right. the good thing is that the bites and the bugs don't carry any kind of diseases like mosquitoes or even fleas but it is really annoying! and to get rid of them is a process.

  7. Oh, you totally have my sympathy. We were also living in a mess until a week before Lucy was born as our bedroom flooded. Our landlady patched it up but we now have to move out into a new house so it can be fixed properly. We're moving next week - not what you need with a 6 week old baby at all!

    Fingers crossed for you that you get your offer on the new house accepted!

  8. my house was pretty chaotic just a few days ago. Then we got a call for a showing (we recently put our house on the market) and had two days of frantic cleaning! Its spic and span now... but for how long, I'm not sure!