Monday, June 27, 2011

4 months

to my dearest olivia,
i cannot believe that you are already 4 months old. where is the time going? i feel like i go through this as each month passes but i would really appreciate it if you stopped growing. k thanks! well little girl... you are becoming much more entertaining on the daily.
 you love when we sing to you. you love sitting on our laps and now when you are sitting on us you arch your back to look up at us... umm ADORABLE! you are constantly the center of attention and i really think you enjoy it.
 whenever someone talks to you, you ham it up and smile the biggest smile just so they can fall a little more in love with you... and guess what... it works! you are a very big girl (15.2 pounds=75th% and 24.5 inches=50th%) and so delicious!
 you are always making us laugh with your adorable ways. when we put you in your favorite rocker you now begin to turn over in it!!! not the safest thing anymore... we have to keep you right next to us if you want to be in there.
we love you so much, livi! keep smiling, laughing, and loving everything we do.

love always,

ps. sorry we have been so out of it... no internet=no blogging.. boo!! and we are moving in just 2 weeks! i will try and blog/visit your blogs as much as i can the next few weeks.
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  1. Beautiful photos & she is so adorable! Love her beautiful eyes!:)

  2. she is so gorgeous! i think Pablo and i need another visit lol

  3. She's growing so fast! I absolutely love the pictures.

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