Saturday, June 11, 2011

Car rides

The car has always been a problem or us. The second we put Olivia in her car seat she starts to cry. Sometimes she can make it a few minutes before she starts but living where we live it takes at least 10 minutes to get anywhere... Most of the time it's longer than that. We have tried singing, talking to her, sitting in the back with her.. All of those worked for a little while but didn't quite cut it. Well, We figured her out. Throw a bunch of toys in there with her and it works!!!! She just stares at them all but at least I can make it to the supermarket now.

Yay for a happy little girl!!

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  1. Yay!

    Apparently babies are supposed to love being in the car - I've seen loads of websites that recommend it as a way to soothe them to sleep. It clearly doesn't work for you and it doesn't for us either - it's fine up until the car stops at a red light and then she'll start crying again! Glad you've found a solution though :)

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  2. Rylin hates riding in the car at night because of the darkness. So I bought another soothe and glow seahorse and I now keep it in the car so its not a blaring light and im not distracted while driving!

  3. p.s- i love the new blog design! did you do it yourself?