Tuesday, June 14, 2011

its time again.

to move! we have finally figured out where/when we will be moving. i have loved this little home that we have had for the last year but we are ready for something a little more permanent. this home holds a lot of very special memories for us... my pregnancy, bringing home our baby, etc. but i know that we will continue to build memories in our next home. the next few weeks are going to be insane!! i have to pack up not only my life, my hubs life, but now i am packing up my baby girl's things too... wow! it is going to be a LONG few weeks. but i am so excited!!

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  1. Good luck! We moved when Lucy was 6 weeks old and its was REALLY hard but a lot of that was nothing to do with her e.g. our van didn't show up! Hope it all goes well for you x

  2. Good luck! When I moved last I was 10 weeks prego and moving out of the 4th story! No fun! & Congrats on your new home!