Saturday, June 11, 2011


i love that where i live you are 15 minutes away from the atlantic ocean, 10 minutes from greats shops and restaurants, and 5 minutes away from this amazing pool!
so we live it up, poolside.

soak in the sun (under a very shaded 2 umbrellas... because 1 was not enough!)

 people watch.

flirt with the cabana boy!

show off some ruffles

spend some time covering up mommy's after-baby-body

get mad at mommy because she is tired.

seriously people.... she is tired!

and then fall asleep.... poolside!

please&thank you! just 2 clicks :)

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  2. Oops! Take two: love the shot of the ruffles! Little girls have the cutest clothes... And I envy your poolside ways, looks beautiful!

  3. That pool looks heavenly right about now! I wish we lived close to a pool. Olivia's little swim suit is so cute!

  4. I like Your pool side pictures.Love the cute baby pictures

  5. i love her swimsuits and that pool is great! these are beautiful pictures :)