Thursday, June 2, 2011

things i love {twenty-seven}

it's thursday again!!


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i love that after putting 3 offers on 3 different homes we finally got one that was accepted by the buyer!

i love the idea of our new home.

i love that we will have a small terrace for olivia to play in.

i love that i had a job interview today... so excited!

i love that tomorrow i get to spend the day by a delicious pool at a very nice hotel.

i love that i found a one piece that looks decent! thank you old navy.

i love love love pizza right now... must. stop. eating.

i love how my little girl likes when i sing her strange songs... melt me!

link up lovelies :)


  1. you forgot to say I LOVE MY NEIGHBOR!!!!!!!!!!! woot woottttttttttttttt, welcome to the hood, the for sale sign is officially down as of this morning.