Sunday, June 5, 2011


as you may all know by now, we have been having a hard time financially. we always thought that hubs would have an easy time finding work and that everything would fall into place. when we got married we figured that i would work for a few years to save up money so when i got pregnant i would be able to stay home with my babies. things didn't work out that way. i found out i was pregnant a day before our 6 month anniversary. olivia has been the biggest blessing in our lives and i wouldn't change anything for the world. since i got pregnant much sooner than expected, i wasn't able to work for as long as we had planned. i got in a good 7 months and on a teachers salary that is nothing.

lets cut to the chase...

i have to go back to work.... wahhhhhh!

i have a few months with my beautiful baby but come august i will be back in the classroom. i am having such a hard time with this. i really want to go back just part time but i may need to go back full time! i have cried a lot, i am really sad when i think about it, and i know that come those first few days/weeks/months you will probably find me crying in the bathroom.

i can really use some help. anyone have some advice? help!


  1. I'm sorry! I am most likely going to be in the same situation closer to Rylins 1 year birthday and am DREADING it! I can not bare the thought of leaving her everyday for 8+ hours! Sorry I don't have any advice but just know your not alone!

  2. you may not like what i have to say, but as your older and wiser cousin.... everyone works, we arent the real housewives of miami. ;)

    every single one of my friends work, even those whose hubbies bring in 6 figures. its a sign of the times, cost of living is sky high and raising kids is really really freakin expensive!

    as much as it stinks, its part of life, you wont be the first baby momma to hire a nanny, get the grandmas to help, or send livi to daycare or pre-k programs. i know it hurts you to think of it, but you gotta pull your weight and contribute to your family.

    i love you and cant wait to see you soon!!!

  3. Great quote! Found you from the Tuesday Blog Hop, and am glad I did! Am a happy new follower :).

  4. I know how hard it is, I can't stand to be away from my little one. You are doing what's best for her and your family. As long as she's in good and trusting hands while your at work it will become easier. At least you are a teacher, so when she's older you will have the same off time as her. =)
    I hope it all works out for you.

  5. That sucks, but you never know what will happen between now and August. New follower from FMBT. You are in my prayers.

    Saved By Love Creations

  6. I am always stressed about finances. & dread the day I finally will have ot give in and maybe go to work before I am ready. It will all work out!

    I am a new follower from the Tuesday Blog Hop!

  7. :( I'm sorry....I don't really have any advice..but I promise you...both you and Olivia will make the transition find....and if you disappear, we'll start checking bathrooms!

    In from FMBT...thanks for joining us as a co-host this week!

  8. As a mom of 2 boys and a teacher for 41 years...being able to help the family and still have lots of time with your own kids that you appreciate so much was always a blessing for me. It is a great occupation to help stay connected to what your kids are going through:) Good luck! I am a new follower, hope you will visit:

  9. I'm sorry that you are having to go back to work! I'm in that same position myself, and am definitely wishing money grew on trees!

    I'm a new follower ☺

  10. It's hard, I have been there. I found you on the follow back tuesday link you are featured in. Hope you will follow me back. When you do enter some of my give aways, all girly pretty things, it might make you feel better.
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  13. Awww - It totally sucks but at least you were talented enough to get a job and right now that is what will get your just rewards I am sure of it...keep your chin up!

    your newest follower and would love it if you could do the same for me.

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