Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[guest post] my baby you'll be

hi everyone! the first guest post i have for you is one of my favorite bloggy friends. etosia from my baby you'll be has the most adorable little girl, rylin. she has a great blog where she writes about her little girl. you should really go check out her blog!

Before I got pregnant I had no clue how much was out there when it came to baby gear. All I knew about was the basics. Crib, swing, bottles, etc. I never imagined that I would have options such as a still or vibrating bassinet, regular or organic cotton, glass or plastic, store bought or home made, pampers of cloth diapering, pink, blue, maybe mint green...would you like fries with that?!?!?!

Get my point! 

All of these choices can be so overwhelming. I remember my first trip to Babies R' Us and how I seriously almost had a panic attack walking down the isles lined with a bazillion bottles. "How do I choose?" was the thought on my mind every time I walked into Target, logged onto Amazon, or looked at anything baby related. 

So after reading review after review, I made my registries, checked them twice, and hoped that I had made the right decisions. The final weeks of my pregnancy I inventoried every item and stressed so much about what I did and did not have and whether I had made the right choices.

Once Rylin came into the world. I was shocked when I realized that she didn't give two beans about the top dollar swing we bought her and that she preferred our arms much more, now a days she would much rather have an empty wipes box over the giant container of toys in our living room, and that she would rather ride in the shopping cart over her fancy stroller any day! Now I feel silly about all the stressing I did. I have lost count of the items I returned because they just weren't necessary. Now a days I buy things as she grows because now I know her personality, her likes and her dislikes, and the difference between a necessary and unnecessary. So if you are an expectant mother and I can offer you one bit of advise I highly suggest that you save the receipt!

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