Friday, July 15, 2011

saying goodbye.

if you all remember i had a hard time with breastfeeding at the beginning. olivia would not latch and had a serious case of nipple confusion. with the help of an INCREDIBLE lactation consultant... Faith is the boob whisperer.. no joke... i had her first breastfeeding with the help of a nipple sheild and then we were and have been going strong without the help of anything ever since. olivia nurses like a champ and she has the thigh rolls to prove it. i LOVE breastfeeding and have become a huge advocate for it ever since. i cannot imagine not having all of the moments that we have shared because of it.

i am so sad to say admit this but i have to say goodbye to breastfeeding my little girl. since i go back to work in a month i knew that the time would come. i tried pumping for a few weeks but i wasnt getting enough milk to be able to store and be able to continue to give her breast milk. i know it isn't a big deal (hello... i was fed with formula) but it has meant so much to me. i fought SO hard for this. there were tears, frustration, and then pure bliss. i have loved every second of it!

i will miss you breastfeeding... and i will hate you saggy boobs!


  1. i want to give you a huge hug. i know how hard saying goodbye to breastfeeding can be, especially when you have issues to begin with.

  2. I know it sucks!! I LOVED nursing my girls! Maybe you can do what I did and just nurse at night? That gave me an extra few months with it and we still had those special moments together:-)

  3. Props to you for fighting so hard and getting as far as you have!