Thursday, July 14, 2011

things i love {thirty-two}

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i love that i finally have internet again.
i love that i can blog and read up on all of the blogs i follow (i have over 200 posts to read!)
i love that in the next few weeks i have 2 giveaway lined up and some new sponsors.
i love my friends! (i know you read this... i'm talking about you!)
i love that olivia finds me oh so funny now! i swear all i have to do is make a fart sound! instant laugh.
i love that we are finally almost completely moved in.
i love our new home.
i love that we got to go to ikea this week.
i love that hubby hated it.
i love my followers!! i missed you guys! i was having some serious withdraws from your comments.
i love how a comment can make my day.

what are you loving this week?

ps. i am officially opening up some sponsor spots. after being approached about a sponsor opportunity i thought i would offer it up to everyone. click on the link at the top if you are interested... i am also up for some ad swapping :)

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