Friday, July 22, 2011

what is love?

max: "oh. i am just going to give you a little kiss right. here."
olivia: "hey. i remember you. i like you."
max: "yea. you're cool too."
max: "ehh. i'm over it now."
olivia: "wait! where are you going? i wasn't done getting my hand licked!"
olivia: "yay! you came back. i thought you were going to leave. i am so happy you stayed!"
max: "yea. i've got nothin better to do and i just noticed that if i leave i won't be allowed on the bed anymore because mommy is only letting me because you like it."
olivia: "oh. ma. gash. can we play now?"
max: "ok. you stay there and i will just look out the window."

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