Wednesday, August 3, 2011

dear olivia,


my dearest olivia,
i thought i told you this last month. please. stop. growing. i really wish life had a pause button so that i can keep you where you are right now for just a little bit longer. i know it makes me sound crazy but i have been enjoying you so much lately that i just want you to stay this way. you get better and better every day (and i know it will only get better).

everything that you do has us cracking up. if it isnt the way you stuff your whole fist in your mouth to chomp on those fingers then it is the way you smile at max as he licks you fingers or the way you laugh when we yell across the house.

you got really sick a couple days before we left on vacation (can you believe your fever got as high as 104.6??) and all i could think about what what i could do to make you feel better. i hated to hear your sicky moan and the way you only wanted to be cradled in my arms. i wanted to take all of that pain away from you and make you better. even with that high fever you continued to smile at me. while mommy cried because i couldn't make you better you smiled.

 you weigh a whopping 17.12 lbs (95%) and are 25.5 in (50%). you reach for people now and you love to "talk". your favorite place to be is standing on mommies lap. you spit out your pacifier and love how we laugh when it flies across the room. you smile when we smile and you laugh when we laugh. you try to grab everything and shove it in your mouth... including my phone. i think you realize you cute you are because you always show off when someone makes a comment about you. stay perfect baby.

love always,

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