Monday, August 22, 2011


to say i am overwhelmed is the understatement of. the. year. 
i feel that i do not get enough done throughout the day and always leave something that i don't finish. work is hard! 
going back to work after being home with your baby for 6 months is even harder. 
leaving your baby in the morning exhausted because she woke up a few times during the night to take care of 21 other "babies" (ok they are 3 and 4 but whatev) has me getting back home to MY baby like a zombie. 
i really hope that this gets easier. 
i don't want to feel like i am not giving olive everything i can. 
 i got home a couple days last week and kept hoping olive would take a nap so that i could take one too. 

i don't want to feel this way but i can't help it. and i keep putting a smile on my face and pretending that everything is fine to help keep the spirits high in my home.

i really wish things would have worked out differently.

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