Tuesday, September 13, 2011


to say i am emotionally drained is an understatement. i have spent the last week counting my blessing and watching one of my best friends (my sister-in-law) become one of the most remarkable women i know. in the span of a short week she has become a mother, a fighter, a believer, and someone that i will always look up to. i do not know where she has found her stregnth and her faith but i envy her because i do not know if i would have handled her situation as well.

my gorgeous nephew has been in the NICU since the day he was born. He has had his ups and he has had his downs. Right now he is doing ok. He had a good day and we count the blessing with every day that goes by without a problem.

caro, i don't know if you read this but i am so proud of you! you have already surpassed any expectations that i had of you being a mother (and i always knew you would be incredible!!). you have proven yourself in so many ways and will continue to be the best mother that God could have given to your little boy. i love you so much and i am so honored to be your sister-in-law, your friend, and nico's godmother.

please keep nicolas in your thoughts and prayers as he continues to get better.

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