Wednesday, October 12, 2011

mam... your shoe is on the counter.

i had an embarrassing moment today. one that was so embarrassing that i had to write about. i was at the grocery store rummaging through my purse trying to find my debit card (because why would it be in my wallet). without noticing what i was doing, i pulled a shoe out of my bag to get it out of the way. a shoe!!! my shoe! not a tiny baby shoe but a huge wedge of a shoe. remember when the contents of my purse looked like this?

it was so simple. nothing too cluttered. nothing out of the ordinary. (don't remember... check out the post)

well i dumped out my purse and this is what i found...
seriously?!?!? what is wrong with me... 

1. a ton of toys for olive.
2. a phone cord... and no plug.
3. a bottle top.
4. random makeup
5. my phone
6. wallet (with nothing in it because the contents are just thrown into my purse)
7. change... again not in my wallet
8. reciepts, debit card, some cash, bandaids, sunscreen samples
9. a nail clipper... wow!
10. sunglasses

11. a really dirty bib... it smells too.
12. the shoe!
13. water bottle from i don't even know when
14. sunglass case
15. 7 bows/headbands!
16. a sock... just one sock
17. cough drops from when i was sick... 2 months ago!
18. a magazine i took from the doctors office
19. a bikini bottom... olivia's (i don't know how this got in here or when)
20. 4 pacifiers!
21. diaper rash cream
22. the pen that i always know is in my purse but that i can never find. ever!
23. jewelry that i thought i lost.

ok ladies... do your purses look like mine?? or diaper bags?? please say yes.

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  1. I am starting to want to carry a purse. I have been just doing the diaper bag thing since Scarlett was born but I think a nice big purse would work just as well. BUT, to answer your question...I think you have me beat with your bikini bottom and one funny!! :o)

  2. first of all i laughed out loud that you had one regular adult shoe in your purse....but other than that my purse is like that too and i dont even have children! so that's embarrassing for me

  3. This is hilarious. And I can NEVER find anything in my purse or diaper bag because of that sort of thing. So crazy.

  4. ha ha yes my bag totally looks like this...actually mine is worse, I kept telling my husband that our house smelled like pee and it was driving me crazy for two days. Well I pulled out one of Judahs used pee diapers out of my bag on Saturday! I must have changed him/threw it in my bag bc I ran out of the little diaper bags and forgot about it.

    talk about gross

  5. haha yeah mine looks like that, have me beat on the shoe, and the dirty bib. I found an adult sock in my purse once. that was fun ;)

  6. I no longer carry a purse! And that is why hahah

  7. LOL!! Too funny! And rest assured, you're in good company! At least you have the kiddo to blame for most of it.. my daughter's 24 and my purse still looks like that! Well, maybe not the dirty bib, or bottle top, but other that!! hehe

  8. I clean out my purse at least once a week and it still looks like this. I never understood why women carried huge purses. Then I had kids.