Sunday, October 2, 2011

my alphabet.

everyone was doing it. i swear.. i'm not a follower :)

a. age: 24
b. bed size: queen
c. chore that you hate: the laundry... especially when your dryer doesn't work.
d. dogs: max :)
e. essential start to your day: a shower!
f. favorite color: purple
g. gold or silver: gold
h. height: 5'2"
i. instruments you play: once played the piano
j. job title: teacher
k. kids: olivia elise
l. live: south florifa
m. mother's name: teresita
n. nicknames: meli, mel
o. overnight hospital stays: giving birth
p. Pet peeve: bad drivers!
q. quote from a movie: "i carried the watermelon." -dirty dancing
r. right or left handed: right
s. siblings: vanessa & javier
u. underwear: hanky panky... its all i own.
v. vegetable you hate: i like it all!
x. x-Rays you've had: my ankle and my spine.
y. Yummy food that you make: taco soup.
z. zoo animal: elephants!

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