Sunday, October 9, 2011

dear olivia,

dearest olivia,
i walked into your room tonight after you had fallen asleep just to get a glimpse of you. i, as always, was completely blown away by you. there you were curled up in the cutest way holding onto your pookie with you tete in your mouth. there are moments when i just cannot believe that you are mine. even sleeping you are breath taking. i complain sometimes about rocking you to sleep and not having the "perfect baby" that has been sleep trained and falls asleep on their own, in their crib; i love rocking you to sleep. i know that one day you will no longer need me to rock you and you will fall asleep on your own. when that days comes, i will look back on nights like tonight and remember the joy and warmth i felt having you in my arms as you fell asleep.
i love you always,

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