Saturday, January 28, 2012

[tutorial] lover's day wreath.

i make so much stuff on a daily basis. call me a craft-a-holic. thought i would start sharing my work.

a foam wreath
yarn (i had this yarn at home but you can use any color)
1 sheet of felt (any color)
hot glue gun/pins
1. tie a knot with the yen leaving a decent sized tail out. my tail was about 3 inches.
2. begin to wrap the wreath with the yarn. do not wrap the yarn around your tail... you are going to need that tail to tie off the wreath with you finish wrapping.
3. continue to wrap the wreath until it is completely covered in yarn. i am a perfectionist so it takes me forever to wrap the wreath but there is nothing wrong with a little imperfection.

before you know it you are ready for the next step.

1. cut the sheet of felt in half to get 2 long pieces.
2. once you have the two pieces set on aside.
3. using one of the pieces of felt, fold the felt in half length wise. at this point i created the bow by bring the ends of the felt to the center and then wrapped it with string to hold together. nothing fancy.
4. get the second piece of felt and wrap it around the bow and the wreath. you can use a hot glue gun or some pins to keep it together.

voila... you have an adorable wreath for february.


  1. I want to make one of these! Maybe I will try this weekend. Thanks!

  2. So, I just joined pinterest...and I've already pretty much repinned EVERYTHING from yours, love hahahah

  3. this is wonderfully cute! :) i stumbled upon your blog and couldnt believe it! i had no idea you blogged!! remember be from peer ministry, lol. well i hope you follow along my blog too. and we can inspire eachother once again! beautiful baby by the way. -- Camila