Wednesday, January 25, 2012

dear olivia,

dear olivia,
you are 11 months old today. wow. today i woke you up, i gave you lots of kisses, and prepared your bottle for you before i went off to work. as i got ready to leave you drank you milk while waving goodbye to me the fancy way that you do. as i blew you a kiss you pulled the bottle out of your mouth to blow a kiss right back to me. yes, you blow kisses on demand and sometimes just because. you are really growing up...

you love to spit or do "trompetias"
you are always babbling and i love it.
you say mama, papa, and agua (water)
you live with the tete (pacifier) in your mouth.. you also love to flip it upside down
you love to be with your mama
you love to be rocked to sleep
you find peek-a-boo with daddy to be hilarious... and mama does too
sometimes max makes you laugh
you enjoy pushing the buttons on the dvr
there is something about the kitchen that fascinates you
you like to splash you little hand in max's water bowl
you love to scream for fun
you definitely love your food

we love you so much baby! keep being our little sunshine...


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  1. She's so pretty! I wish Vera had that much dark hair. It's gorgeous. I've been thinking of getting her ears pierced too. I'm just nervous to pull the trigger, but it looks so cute on Olivia! :)