Tuesday, April 10, 2012


my kid is a genius! yes, i am THAT mom. i swear those words come out of my mouth at least 10 times every hour but can you blame me? this child of mine is completely communicating with me all the time (ok, im sure you baby is too but humor me a little)

yesterday as i sat in the living room trying to get olivia to play with one of her toys so that she won't try to climb up the stairs and then jump down i noticed that she kept going to the door, pointing outside, and yelling "AGUA!!" right outside of the door was her new water table (with no water in it, i might add). i kept attempting to get her to come to the annoying little ball that rolls around the living room but she wouldn't give up on the table.

i took her outside and put her down to see what she wanted (i actually doubted her intelligence and thought that this was merely a coincidence and that she would run to the corner to eat some dirt. olivia crawled over, not to the pots filled with delicious dirt, but to the hose and then once again yelled "AGUA!" and pointed to her water table.

ok... she is a genius!! am i right?

i filled up her littler table and let her play for about half an hour until she was done.

this baby knows what she wants!

are you ever shocked by your baby?

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