Wednesday, April 4, 2012

baby led weaning... fail!

I almost cried tonight... I'm at a loss for ideas.

I have tried homemade puréed food, jars, finger food... You name it, I've done it... And I can't win! One day she is all about the purée and the next she wants finger food. Sometimes (like tonight) she doesn't want either. This kid is giving me such a hard time and at this point I am just desperate to find something that will work.

Any ideas? Tips? What did you do? Help!


  1. She could be getting some new teeth in the back, molars, those suckers hurt. Let someone else feed her. My daughter is going through the same thing, but when her daddy feeds her, she eats fine! And maybe instead of meal time, just give her random healthy snacks throughout the day. Let her sit on the floor to give her more freedom and enjoy her snacks to make her feel like she has control.

  2. I am having the same issues with Scarlett. She hates food. The only thing she likes are cheerios and peas. Its so frustrating.