Friday, April 20, 2012


i have seen danielle over at sometimes sweet do this and i have always loved it. although im too late to link up i thought it would be fun to do it anyways.

olivia while i was typing this up.

reading: about a month ago, i got back into reading. i read the hunger games trilogy (umm.. im obsessed) and in that sparked a love for any book that dealt with dystopian societies or post apocalyptic societies. i read the pretties series and then i read the first two books in the matches series (the thirds book has not been released yet). and then my obsession turned into something completely different. after been hooked to the show the walking dead for the last two years, i finally decided to start reading the comic. i flew through the first 7 volumes and then had to stop myself because i wasnt sleep (hello! all i could think about was how i was going to survive the zombie apocalypse). i keep hearing about 50 shades of grey and i think im getting intrigued

watching: has anyone been watching smash? gcb? REVENGE? i watch way too much tv. my show list goes on forever but right now i am really looking forward to a date night with my dvr so that i can catch up with me one true love, vampire diaries.

working on: starting a mini business.. more on that soon!

thinking about: lately i have really been feeling cheated. i am a good person. i am married to the best kind of man! and still it seems as though hard ship follows us around. yes, we are blessed. we are healthy. we have a very healthy, and beautiful little girl. but must a family suffer so much? i wonder why it is that i feel this way. i know i need to see the positive in my life but when i am constantly being struck with negativity, it is really hard to see the positive.

anticipating: monday. we find out if alex passed the bar exam. please, please pray for our little family. we really cannot handle any more disappointments or heart ache.

wishing: i had a little bit more time for me. i am feeling stretched in so many directions and most of the time i dont even feel like cooking at the end of the day. i wish there were 25 hours a day.. i think that would do it!

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  1. I'm addicted to the hunger games to. I really hope things turn around for you and you have a much deserved run of luck. All the best Bianca :)