Monday, April 23, 2012

dear olivia..

to my dear olivia,
today marks 8 years that i have been with your papa. it is crazy to think how many time has passed and how much our lives changed in these 8 years. have i told you how we met?

believe it or not.. your papa used to have hair!!!

it all started with your tia caro (papa's sister) and her little obsession with your tio javi (mama's brother). you see, when they were just 13, tia caro had a big, big crush on javi and in turn became friends with your madrina (mama's sister) to get closer to javi. a couple years pass and the crush is over but the friendship remains. caro asked madrina and javi to be part of her 15th birthday. when your 2 abuela's began to realize that their oldest children would be prefect for each other the meddling began. after a forced visit to caro's house so that mama could meet papa there began our love story.

i have many hopes for you. i hope that you live your life happy doing exactly what makes your heart sing. i hope that you have good friends, friends that will be by your side through thick and thin. i hope that you live a long life. with all of that said, my biggest hope is that one day you find someone that makes you as happy as your papa has made me. someone that through it all is your best friend and your lover. the person that no matter what you can crawl into bed at the end of the day and know that tomorrow you will still have each other. someone that loves you so much that nothing else matters. i hope for you love. the kind of love that i have had for the last 8 years and the love that i hope to have for the rest of my life.

love always,
your mama

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