Friday, April 13, 2012

i have a confession...

i love chocolate milk.
i have recently discovered that one of my students LOVES bugs. what do i do when i find a spider/roach/lizard... "oh m... look what i found!" i want this kid to live with me.
whenever i see olivia's teeth i laugh. i dont know why but they are so cute they make me giggle.
i was caught staring at a woman at the grocery store... i was mortified! but if you dont want people looking at you, dont wear mesh tops and leather pants.
i am addicted to tv.
i secretly love that olivia likes to nap with me.. i get a nap too!
i should be working on something for work but im not, im blogging.

any confessions?


  1. Oh man I am a bad person for staring - mesh top and leather pants would have got me in trouble too!

  2. Oh My Olivia is the perfect name of your blog! What a beautiful daughter! I laughed out loud at the shoe in your purse and love your letters to your daughter. I started that with my first, did some for #2 and #3, then morphed it into letters to all 3 of them;) Nice to "meet" you!