Thursday, April 19, 2012

i will punch you if you touch my baby...

 ok maybe i won't punch you.. but i will run away!

what is with the grocery store?! remember when this happened? yea, now that olivia is this adorable, chunky, delicious, beautiful (ok, shes mine so i am probably a little bias..) little girl every one comes up to her to talk to her. now i am all about complementing a cute baby. i do it too.. who doesnt? but some people take it way too far! wondering what happened? well it went something like this...

olivia and i were doing our usual, going down every aisle because sometimes i forget i never remember to do a grocery list. i kept noticing that this weird man and his wife were following us around the store making comments about how cute she was. i tried my best to ignore them and tried to finish up quickly so i could get the hell out of there. and then it happened. as i went to go down a different aisle, they surprise attacks us and approach us to say hi. (as a side note.. i get pretty awkward with strangers. i never know what to say and sometimes i wont even respond when spoken to. it can come off as a little rude but HELLO... they make me uncomfortable!) the man proceeded to take away olivia's pacifier and see if she would take to him! THE MAN TOOK MY BABIES PACIFIER FROM. HER. MOUTH! so what is a mama to do? i didn't say anything, left the man with his stolen pacifier and ran down the aisle pushing my shopping cart.

crazy much?

i guess all those talks my mom gave me about not talking to strangers really worked.. maybe too well?

please don't judge me.


  1. I am the same way with strangers...I hate that they are always approaching me and trying to touch my boy...I never do that to anyone else...and it's always old creepy old men!

  2. Oh my goodness! I can't believe someone would actually do that! Crazy people. I totally feel ya with the stranger awkward and weird. You're not alone:)