Sunday, April 8, 2012


this time last year, my family and i sat around imagining what this year would be like. everything involved 2 babies. 2 babies dresses up in the Easter best. 2 babies at church. 2 babies receiving an Easter basket. 2 babies to take pictures of. we imagined olivia running around collecting Easter eggs, while her cousin nico sat around watching. we imagined olivia playing with nico while we sat eating brunch. all of these imagined memories were supposed to make this year, and the many years to come, magical. olivia was going to grow up with her best friend, her cousin.

but it didn't happen that way.

as olivia sat (still no walking) playing with her Easter eggs and we all watched happily, something was missing.

we never imagined it would be this way. we never imagined him not being here.

we missed him today. i missed him today. and life will never be the same.

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