Thursday, April 12, 2012

olivia turns one.

my olive ball turned one. (almost 2 months ago) it was a beautiful day surrounded with love.

we started the day with a pancake cake to sing happy birthday. olivia had her first pancake and syrup for the first time. that day we had a very small party at my parents. it was exactly what i wanted for her 1st birthday. nothing too big with our closest family and friends.

ps. olive wore the same dress that i wore on my first birthday :)


  1. so so cute :D

    so sad i was sick that day and had to miss it :(

  2. happy birthday, sweet olivia!

    xo, amanda

  3. I love that little red wagon! Olivia is so cute smiley baby.

  4. Love your pics! Olivia is so adorable! My friend told me about your site and I just had to stop by. I noticed you Sits badge too. Are you attending the conference? I just signed up for the webinar!:)