Thursday, May 3, 2012


Reading: I read the fifty shades of grey trilogy and it was incredible. It was intense but so well written and I absolutely fell in love with the characters.

As soon as I finished fifty shades, I began the divergent series because it was recommended to me. I just have to say... AMAZING! If you read the hunger games trilogy and liked it do yourself a favor a read these! I enjoyed them much more than hunger games! Only the first 2 are out.. Need to wait a year for the final book.. But it was so good!

Dealing with: lately I have been feeling very defeated. We have had a difficult last 2 years and it seems like we can't catch a break. Between disappointments in tests, failed job searches, and too much death and illness, I feel like I am struggling to catch my breath. A family should not suffer as much as we have. But then I tell myself that this is all in God's hands. I need to just let go and let God.

Looking forward to: Summer! I only have 18 more days with the kiddos at work and 21 days at the school. I am so ready for a break!

Thinking: The grass is always greener. Yes, I am guilty of this... All the time! I compare myself to everyone, especially other mothers. I have to work, they don't. I have no money, they do. My clothes suck, they always look so cute. I didn't have time to brush my hair, she has makeup on. This list goes on forever. I need to get over it now!

Wishing: For a little more positivity in my life.

Ok... Negative rant over.


  1. I feel the same way a lot of the time as far as thinking the grass is greener. I feel like it's normal. But one thing I try and do is look at the positives. When something really great happens to me, I make sure to share it. I make sure to bask in it.

    I hope things start looking up for you guys soon!

  2. I have so been where you are, so I completely understand. BUT I am testament that it does get better...I had 3 years of death, job issues, money issues, a child born with a birth defect and I finally came out the other side stronger and better than ever before. One thing that those years did for me was give me a better understanding of how important it is to bask in the little joys of take pleasure in the small stuff and to appreciate what I do have all the more. Cyber hugs to you! Great big cyber hugs!

  3. ahh! i broke my rule and read divergent a couple months ago knowing full well they're not all out! what was i thinking?! currently in the middle of're the first person i know reading it! i've been trying to get everyone to read it but nobody wants to bc its not super famous...yet!

  4. also, i too need positivity in my life...i'm a pessimist to the core lol

  5. I haven't visited for a while. After my trip I've been trying to catch up on things. You have a right to feel the way you do. We all do. It's just many decide to not talk about it and only paint the pretty picture. You are beautiful, so is Olivia and your family. I don't know what else you could ask for since my eyes see you have it all :)

  6. Aww it's okay to rant. I'm glad you did and hope you feel better. It's funny I just came across your blog today for the very first time because I've been dealing with tons of failed job hunts, STILL experiencing reverse culture shock from my recent move back in May...etc, etc.

    Certainly don't want to bore you with my stuff. But hey, chin up. Everyday is a second chance right? I'm not sure what exactly is going on but know that God will definitely deal with what we can't deal with.

    Cathy Trails