Wednesday, September 26, 2012

a little app obsessed

We love our technology around these parts. I cannot live without having my phone on hand... And my iPad is always at arms reach. It's no wonder that my daughter is also very much into using anything that lights up, has buttons, or makes sounds. But there is no fooling this one.. She knows what the real deal and when we are trying to fake her out. I have loved watching her discover how things things work. She can unlock my phone, find the app she is looking for, get out of the app, and them lock the phone again. We always get asked what apps she likes so here is a quick list of our favorites.

In no particular order...

These apps cost about $1.99 but they are so worth it. The have all the classic songs with lots of interaction. Olivia loves to play with these apps and discover new things in each of them. I swear, every time we open it I find a new interaction.

One word... Disney! It's free too. Honestly, Olivia is not into tv at all but she likes to dance to the opening credit songs and then shuts off the app... Entertainment for a few minutes!!

These apps are all free and adorable. They do the colors, the shapes, and songs that you will find yourself (and the hubs) singing when you are alone. Olivia LOVES these and I highly recommend them.

The all time favorite! We cannot live without this app. Elmo calls us and we call Elmo all the time. Livi asks for Elmo every time she sees my phone and knows exactly where to find him. This app is worth the $.99! You will not regret it.

Do you have any apps the you love?


  1. Rylin is also obsessed with my phone & is a pro at unlocking it and accessing her apps page. Her current favorite is Peek A Boo Fridge and all the other apps by Night & Day Studios. G'Night Safari is free and probably her second favorite I really love it too! These babies are too smart for their own good!
    P.S- Olivia is a doll!!!

  2. Hey Melissa! It's good to hear from you :) It's definitely been a while. I'm excited to catch up on all that I've missed (I've been absent from the blogging world too!)