Saturday, September 29, 2012

mullets and smoothies

the best part about the weekends is waking up and not having to rush out of the house to make it to work in time. the mornings are my favorite with this little one. i get to answer to her when she calls my name from her room to let the entire house know that she is now awake... but she always calls my name. and on the weekends, i actually get to walk in there and pull her out of her crib. her bed-head hair is as messy as can be and gives off a mullet-esque look... but its absolutely adorable. i get to change her, dress her (even though this morning we worked the diaper for a while), and we walk over to the kitchen to make breakfast together (well i make breakfast while she rummages through the drawers).  our favorite lately has been smoothies. the moment she notices that i have finished and have started filling her cup she starts laughing. and then we sit together and enjoy our "mini breakfast".

i am soaking in all of these moments because i know soon they will pass and bring on new ones. i just don't want to forget the mornings of mullets and smoothies.

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  1. how cute!! her legs are adorable!! haha this is so fun. i can't wait till it's my time for these moments. xo. camila