Monday, October 1, 2012

sleep training for dumbies...

back when olivia was 11 months old i posted about how she began putting herself to sleep. it was great. we would place her in her crib and she was out like a light. yea... that was short lived! it lasted a few months and as quickly as it began it ended. my perfect little sleeper was on me like white on rice and refused to let go of my hair as i attempted to place her in her crib... she learned this technique from the first time i yelled in pain when the chunk of hair was yanked from my head... like i needed to loose anymore hair! after months of suffering (on both parts) i decided it was time for a change. i mean.. i work! full time! and a nap time was like gold. except that nap time consisted of me lying down in bed with her to get in an afternoon nap. and then there went my afternoon of laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning up, etc. so we did what all desperate parents do... we let her cry. it. out.

now let me start off by saying that for the last 19 MONTHS the hubs has been trying to convince me that this was the best thing to do. and for 19 MONTHS i told him he was nuts. there was no way in who-ville that i was going to let my perfect child cry for 5 minutes until she fell asleep. i thought it was torturous and evil. how dare any mother make her baby cry?!

well... i let my baby cry. she cried for a total of 7 minutes and then passed out. and the next day she cried for 6. and even though she went back to grandmas house today while mama went to work and the whole plan went to shit (she cried for a minute and then ended up sleeping on my moms lap) i plan on continuing with my efforts until this child sleeps on her own, in her crib, without bribery with cupcakes. i know that this issue with sleeping is my fault. i let her manipulate me with those curls, her tears, and those adorable rolls on her legs. but this mama will not be manipulated any more!

now the next time i put her in her crib to cry it out i think i will treat myself to a glass of wine and wait it out... im hoping next time will be 5 minutes and that we will continue to make our way towards instant sleeping... im crazy aren't i?

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  1. I was so against the cry it out method for the longest time, but at one point I realized, either both of us could suffer from no sleep or I could try it and see how it worked. It sucked having to do that, but it worked. And now, I rarely have problems getting her to just go to sleep on her own. So worth it!